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Short Scenes for actors showreels


Showreel Scenes is a service that creates scenes for actors showreels. 



If you are just starting out in acting, it's likely you won't have any film clips to show. Or you might have done lots of films, but you might want to update your reel with a new scene.


I write, direct, edit, and deliver a complete scene. These can be used for your spotlight, website, and social video channels. 

I have written scenes with all sorts of characters and situations. These are on a private section of my website. If you see a character and scene you like, we then schedule and shoot.


Go to the "Book Now" page and fill in the details. You don't have to proceed with the booking until we have had a chat.  


So happy with my showreel. Written and Directed by David Wilde. Who's an amazing guy and so professional
Lynsay Pollock

David is very professional, approachable and real fun to work with. I have shot 2 shorts with him and I can honestly say it was a great experience and could not recommend him enough for showreel material
I felt at ease and listened to, through my concerns which showed flexibility on his part. He will find the perfect location for it and make the whole process creative and enjoyable :) He will also have a plan B and C in case things don't go as planned (e.g. weather). Highly recommended!
Alessia Kozlova

l had such an amazing experience with David Wilde filming my showreel film. l highly recommend showreel shorts, it gives you so much insight of filming, and this is the best way to put yourself out there. Also you learn alot more on acting, as David Wilde is so encouraging and supportive. Go and get your Showreel Shorts now with with David Wilde 
Hannah Kent
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