• David Wilde


I have a service that makes scenes for actors showreels.

I recently stopped doing it, mainly due to covid. Although I planned to stop this service just as covid kicked in. Mainly because they weren't cost effective to produce for myself.

I would only continue the service if I could find a cost effective way to make them. Cost effective for myself and actors.

I could make it work if I become studio based with these. The goal would be to have different sets in the studio each month.

* Police Interview room

* Bar

* Flat living room

* Other situations

It's expensive to take a years lease on several spaces I have looked at. I want to see if there is enough interest for the service, before I take it to the next level in the spring. If you might be interested in getting a scene made for your showreel in the spring-summer, or later in the year, please join the mail list on the link below.

Joining the mail list is not a commitment to order, I just want to get an idea of potential numbers at this early stage. If I can get enough actors interested, it's worth taking the chance on this to kickstart it.

The space will also be used for other stuff and will be available for hire too.


David Wilde

(Mail List) on the link below, or via the website.



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