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  • David Wilde


My day job is making corporate videos. I also used to write and shoot scenes for actors showreels.

I stopped offering this service because they weren't cost effective for me to make. I kept them at a reasonable enough price for the actors, but it didn't work for me.

Tech has got better since, I have more experience, and I have also streamlined the production model on them. Which in turns means that they work for me to make now.

I have even reduced the cost of them a little, and it stills works for me to make them. I basically shoot a 3 minute two hander scene. A section can then be added to your showreel.

Actors reels are usually 3 mins in total. They usually consist of clips of work they have done. Some actors have no film work to show, because they might have just left drama school.

Also, experienced actors might not have worked for a while, so they have no new scenes to show. They also might want to expand their portfolio to show them in a different role. This is where Showreel Scenes can help.

I can shoot all over Scotland, but I will also be shooting in London for a week every month. The London shoots are limited to 8 shoots. If interested, get in touch via my website. I also have social links purely for Showreel updates





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