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I have used it myself but I can't stand the term "Indie Film"

In the past, an independent film used to mean a film produced outside the studio system. On the fringes of the corporations.

Until of course the corporations started up their own "Independent film" divisions. The same goes for "Indie bands" and such. Who operated outside the major labels, until they got big deals.

Of course "Independent film" has been around long before the term "Indie" was used. From filmmakers like Mary Pickford, Andy Warhol, John Cassavetes, and others. Also, countless exploitation and B movie filmmakers like Ed Wood.

I don't know exactly when the term "Indie film" was first used. I think back in the 80s, but it was definitely defined in the 90's. When the term used to mean original, fresh, bold, subversive.

What's the point I'm trying to make? I have heard people arguing online what defines an "Indie film" and "Indie film" budgets and such. All getting their knickers in a twist as they try to get films into a category.

The reality is, the term"indie film” today does not obviously give a film some stamp of quality or prestige. It also doesn't mean the budget is low. An indie film could cost £100, or £100m or more. Just look at the new Coppola self funded film. That wide range covers MOST films that are made.

"Indie film" just means EVERYONE today! 😂🎥 Everybody outside the studio system, which is 95% or more of the films that are made

Some beautiful amazing poetic films. Some good films. Some ok films. Mostly shit films. And some good trash guilty pleasure films!

Most of us filmmakers just make fucking films! 🤪🎥📹

To give a simple example. Someone sent me a DM and asked if I wanted to be in their "Indie Film". I replied, what is the film about? Is it crime, horror, comedy?......Porn? "Ohhh, we can't say too much at the moment but it's a cool "Indie film" ........Ehh, could you be a little more specific!

The other thing that cracks me up is. "Support indie film!" Another very broad range. Support everybody! Huh?

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