• David Wilde


My biggest inspirations are in tech, music, art, biz. Ironically, I’m not really inspired by the film biz that much. I have my list of films and filmmakers I love of course, but in terms of how the businesses operates as a whole, I don't get inspired. Mainstream industry and indie.

I ask myself, why is that? It’s where I see the least innovation. And if you’re not evolving in 2021, you have the life expectancy of a house fly! I think there’s too much focus on chasing awards, approval permission, festivals, and shooting with bigger resolution cameras. It’s a dusty and old feeling industry that resists to innovate.

Also, I don’t give a flying fuck if people want to hold on to the experience of seeing a film at the cinema or whether we watch at home. As long as we keep watching stories. Tarantino and Nolan want to hold on to the theatrical experience and resist digital, but they don't need to innovate. They're comfortable. They don't need to evolve. As Tarantino keeps highlighting, he could retire tomorrow.

At the heart of filmmaking it should all be about story telling, but 99% of us don’t evolve in terms of how we try to make our films, build a brand, find a way to self fund, and build community. It we continue down that path, we’re toast!

Hey, this is not directed at anybody. If I’m talking to anybody, it’s myself! I personally have to……Evolve or Die!


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