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Updated: Jul 2

The Crime Lord novel will be released before the end of 2022.

Anybody that follows me knows I have made 2 Seasons of the filmed series of Crime Lord. A small low budget series. It's nowhere near the full vision I had for it.

However, it's always better to make things happen with what you have. Or I would just be another talker. "I have this great idea for a big series!"

Big films and serials usually get made because of a ready made fanbase from novels, comics, or remakes and sequels. Start from the ground up!

Crime Lord is about a criminal that lives this double life. He writes a series of crime novels, but he's really writing about the criminal empire he's building. His novels don't sell at the start. Ironically, they start to sell when his real criminal activities take off.

(Not the artwork for the novel above)

I always intended to write and release the crime novel version too for real. This version will be the real version I intended. You obviously don't have budget restrictions when your writing a novel. You're imagination can fly in print.

I'll continue to shoot other seasons of Crime Lord (Feature length films) but as time goes on, this little no budget series can also act as the marketing platform for the novels. So if I get frustrated working with no budgets, at least some people might see the true vision I had for it via the crime novels.

If the novels grow over time, we are back to what I talked about at the start. Bigger films and serials get made because of the built fanbase via novels. So who knows, it might be a big series one day too. If not, at least I never talked about an idea I had.

The first novel will be released on Amazon and limited edition paperbacks before the end of the year. If these take off, I might do book tours that can also double as promotions for the filmed series

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