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I have been playing around with digital art for a while, but never released anything online ever.

The explosion of NFTs has made me much more aware of artists and digital artists over the last few months. There's some brilliant artists out there, but damm, there’s a lot of shit too! Just the same as the film world! 😂

I guess that recent exposure to more art work has given me the confidence to release my own work and create more. I'm like, WTF! If somebody has the balls to release that, what am I hesitating for! Creativity really is 100% subjective, so there really is no good or bad work. (Well, within reason! It's open to debate, I just don't care to debate!)

Anyway, I have decided to release some of my shit sometime in December. I have about a 100 digital art pieces. They are what they are, and I only make them because I enjoy making them away from my film stuff. I'll drip them out on a new instagram account. Which will purely be for the art work.

I'm setting up a platform for NFT film content, but I will also be releasing some of these art pieces on there too. I don't expect them to make a penny, it's just the sheer fun of releasing now. I have been a creative for a long time, so I know this game is not about trying to make a quick buck overnight. I have done the marathon, and I'm prepared do it for many more years before I earn from filmmaking, acting, and who knows, maybe art work some day too.

Making digital art work is quite therapeutic. It lets me switch my head off from writing, and filmmaking. I could never afford an art studio, space, and paints as a hobby, but digital art on the ipad let me dabble with this at no cost. We all make digital films now, so digital art is the norm too me. I don't need any money to create or anybody else to help me make it. That's the attraction too outside film and acting.

Anyway, watch out for fucking Picasso in a few weeks! And who knows, I might make £5 selling an NFT! I'll share my route to rags or riches as always!


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