• David Wilde


Updated: Sep 15

Big movies these days. Everybody gets them before they have even seen them!

Why? Because they have seen it before. Remake, prequel, sequel, made from book, comic, fucking toy! Ohh, I know this, I want to see it! I get it!

Let me just see the trailer to make sure? Ohh yeah, saw the whole fucking movie in the trailer? Got it! Smashing! On my watch list! Can't wait to see this shite I have seen before! 🤣🎥🍿

Ohh I know this filmmaker. I know their work, I know what they like and don't like. I know what they're going to do next. Got them in a box! Hey, I'm laughing at myself. We all make judgements like this and watch all the same shit.

People are comfortable with familiarity, but I think it's important to also strive to be unpredictable. Especially with all these tech freedoms we have today. As Bowie says "Never play to the gallery"

I think it’s good to throw curve balls once in a while if you’re known for a particular type of work. I get the path of building a brand for the type of work you are known for. I 💯get it!

Especially if you work for the film industry as they don't take risks. But at our DIY level, we really don't have to play by those rules. We can take a U Turn to new genres, styles, and be experimental.

Being too predictable can be the kiss of death. Leave that for Hollywood! They make big movies we have seen before and then sometimes throw them in the bin!🤣🎥

My two cents!


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