• David Wilde


Started shooting 1st Episode of my DIY Crime Series last weekend. (Season 2)

Is it the right ideal time to start it? Probably not! Do I have the money to do it? Nope! Are all the ducks in a row? Fuck no! Is my health tip top yet? No! Is my head in a good place? 🤪

To be honest, there's a ton of reasons that I could justify to myself to wait until everything is right. But I have never got anything done with that attitude.

The only time I really stopped in the last few years, at least stopped trying, was this year. Partly due to covid-19, but mainly because me and my families health was really bad

Now that we are coming through the storm, life is too short to wait to get all the ducks in a row. I'm more interested in navigating through this mess of a world where I can, because it's way too easy to get down and do nothing. There's always going to be obstacles.

I can easily give myself a million excuses not to move, and several are valid in this current climate, but I personally wouldn't make it through life with my mental state intact if I couldn't find a way to create and work. Even at the most humble level at this time.

Onwards and upwards. Hope everybody is coping through this difficult time

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