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Inspiring quote pics are easy. I could be lying in bed with a bottle of Jack Daniels and say all the inspiring shit at the press of a button! So I thought I would do a post with this.

Lot of goals and challenges this year. How do I get there? Simple! One foot in front of the other and don't stop. I’m very positive and optimistic but I also balance this with a zero expectations approach about anything. Which keeps me strong. Maybe the one foot in front of the other approach doesn't sound that ambitious, but It is for me. Why?

Most of my life was spent hesitating, looking back, fear of success, fear of failure, dreaming, planning, strategising, overthinking, creating endless ideas, and wishing for a smoother road to an ambitious destination

All this led to a lot of static behaviour. Going around in circles like a hamster on a wheel. Stuck in the one position. Not going back, forward, or anywhere! Just burning up like a racehorse in a turnstyle.

Today, there's no past, there's no future beyond this day. Since I got that attitude, I'm a lot more happier and productive. I can control today, but I can’t really control my future. And I don’t really want to.

If I have a decent day, the future will probably take care of itself ok. We’re all pretty much obsessed about the past and the future. Which is absurd, because today is all we’re really in control of.

Falling in love with the "process" of what I do. Getting off on "problem solving" and enjoying the harsh reality grind of it all. Whether I do this for a decent living one day or not. That’s the key for me!

Forward march in the battlefield called life!

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