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I shot most of my film on the Isle Of Arran in the middle of December. It's the seventh largest island in Scotland. About 12 miles from the mainland by ferry. Like many Scots I know, I had never been to Arran until about 18 months ago.

The island left an impression on me. So much so, that there's a possibility I might move there in the next couple of years. Make more films there, create a small film studio. Maybe offer film and acting courses and such as we make films.

If I can raise my profile in filmmaking and acting in the industry, maybe I could then fund my dream of my own studio and creative community in a place like this. Films in all sorts of genres. Having a "dream" is not really the way I roll. I like day to day reality, the journey. I'm happy not knowing what is around the corner. Whether good or bad. I'm only in control of what I do at this minute.

However, if I had one wish and I could pick my "Dream", it would probably involve having my own studio in a place like this. Hollywood or TV work, would not be the dream, that would be the source of income to help fund my long term dream. Juggling one to fund the other. Anyway, it's ok to dream too, as long as you are doing.

That weekend trip 18 months ago also planted the seeds for this "Cold-Blooded Killers" film. In fact, that's not totally true. I originally thought of an idea for an episode of Crime Lord, a web series I was making. I later ditched that episode idea in favour of a new feature film. It was a bigger story I came up with, so I wanted to turn it into a new film.

I had been making a web series for a while, which was not very cinematic. I wanted to get back to making a feature that was character driven, but also more visual. Shooting on an island like Arran gave me that opportunity to make a cinematic story.

I don't even mean sweeping landscapes, as I'm not a fan of tourist like films. I mean in the way that the feeling, mood, and atmosphere of a location like this is also a character on it's own. The setting, and locations affect the characters in the story. The island is also a star of the film.

The locals were also really helpful. Especially the owners, staff, and locals at the Pierhead Tavern. Check them out if you ever visit the island. I have heard Arran been referred to as "Scotland in Miniature" In a way it's true. If you didn't have the time to get a flavour of the whole of Scotland, just go to Arran for a weekend. it's a beautiful island.

I'm currently editing the film and preparing for extra drone shots and the last of the scenes here in Paisley and Glasgow. The goal is to finish the post production on the film by mid february. If you want to follow my progress, give the FB page a like.

Thanks for all the likes and shares over the last few weeks.



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