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Those that know me, might know I was due to shoot another episode of "Crime Lord" this week.

I had the cast, crew, and was all set to go on episode 10. Then a last minute scheduling problem halted the episode shoot. Which was totally out of my control. This is rare, because I can usually juggle and sort it at the last minute. But it was literally hours before the shoot.

I have been making this web series for a while, so it's always a series of problems to solve. I'm good with problem solving, that's what filmmaking is about. I always said that I would make an episode of Crime Lord here and there when I could, but there's no real end point with the web series. If any rewards come from it, it's over a five year build like youtubers do with their videos.

However, youtube videos can be produced faster, are cheaper to make, and most of them only rely on themselves to finish the product. Crime Lord is not over, but it's going to the side for the moment, or I will miss my window for another project I have been planning.

I made up my mind in 2016 I wanted to also shoot feature film before the end of the year. I also wanted to get a film out to the festival circuit. I am not a huge fan of festivals and such, but they can be a good place to market and network with the industry. That's the other route I want to take for 2017. I want to get my filmmaking and acting out there in a more cinematic project.

I have a couple of budget films that are being considered by producers, but it's not wise to just wait for permission these days. I also have the story idea that I could make with the resources and little cash I have, so I have decided to try and make this feature before the end of the year. With a goal to shoot the whole film over 5 days next month on the Isle Of Arran.

I could do with a little funding to shoot it, but to prepare a proper crowd-fund campaign is like a project on it's own. It can take 2 months to prep, then two months to raise the money. it would be better if I can just make the film myself, get it in the can.

I'll share the prep and shoot. Then hopefully I can then raise some post-production money in the new year. Which makes more sense, as people will be able to get a full sense of the film. It's a huge risk for me, but that's what this game is about. It can't be risk free. That's another reason I want to shoot this, I like the challenge of shooting a small indie movie at this time of the year on this island.

I have not made a feature since Screen. I'm very keen to get back to making something that's is much more cinematic. A character driven story set on this island, but also very visual. I will also use a drone for all shorts of shots.

If you want to follow this, I'll have a FB and website will be up for the project very soon. I'm just racing to do the final crewing, casting, and locations and such. We all talk about making a film in tough conditions for nothing, I'll share how I pull this off. Or I might throw myself into the sea with a fucking GoPro! Either way, I have to throw myself into something before 2017!

Thanks for reading!


David Wilde

PS. A new vlog coming this weekend here about this. I also posted a NEW VLOG today.

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