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PASTY FACES was my first feature film. A comedy caper movie that was set in Scotland, LA, and Las Vegas.  It was about a couple of actors from Scotland that decide to go to LA to get work.


They don't get any work, but they team up with their friends and get paid to rob a casino in Las Vegas. The owner wants them to rob it so he can claim the insurance.

It took me two years to attract the £350,000 budget for the film. The finance came from a top UK sales agent and distributor. The Executive Producer of Guy Ritchie's "Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels" & "Snatch". I wrote the screenplay, directed it, and acted in it. 


The film got a theatrical release and was screened on TV. It then went to DVD. It made a profit, so I got other offers to make films. I even got a pitch meeting with a Hollywood studio. (New Line Cinema)  


However, I disliked everything about the film. I lost my passion and interest for filmmaking for years after this. It wasn't until recently that I appreciated that I actually got a film made, and released. It was my apprenticeship. My film school. 

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