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Mad World will be an Anthology series of stories and extreme characters. Characters that are motivated by the 7 deadly sins. Pride, Greed, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Wrath, and Sloth.​ The films will be 30 minutes long across many genres from crime, horror, drama, comedy, action, thriller, and Scifi.​ 




I'm currently fund raising to get the first film into production in Sept-October. The goal is to make a new film every month, then every two weeks as it grows. 

release plan

Supporters of the project will get to see each film early via a private link. The films will be released on Vimeo On Demand, then I'll be also looking at releasing a full season on Amazon Prime Video & Apple TV globally. I already have a series on these platforms.

get involved

I fund about 70% of all my films from my corporate video work. However, it's impossible to completely self fund this series. 


I'm offering NFT's via the MAD WORLD series collection on OPENSEA to get involved with the project. Supporters also get access to a private Instagram and twitter account with regular updates about the progress of the project. I also have a page where I talk more about my NFT PLAN

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