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A broke and self destructive US Bounty Hunter gets the chance to turn his life around. (Leonard Green) A Bail Bonds business will go bust, unless they can capture a Drug Lord in ten days.


“Leonard Green” left his business partner (Wayne Franklin) who owns the bail bonds business, because Wayne turned the business into a reality show circus like “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Wayne now wants to get back to capturing real criminals for high prices. He needs Leonard back to help him.


He asks Leonard to recruit a team for this potential suicide mission. It's high risk, but if they can pull it off, they will also be offered a contract by FBI to capture America's “Most Wanted” Capturing America's baddest criminals and terrorists. While using their small bail bonds agency as a front. A character, action, and thrilling feature and potential series. 



LEONARD GREEN is a Bounty Hunter who hunts down petty criminals. He makes enough to pay for his trailer home, drug habit, and payments to his Ex wife for his son. Despite his skills, and living on the edge spirit, the low salary and lack of fulfilment in the job is slowly killing him. 


Life used to be better when he hunted dangerous and high bounty skips. He used work for a bail bonds business that was owned by (WAYNE FRANKLIN) Leonard left when Wayne decided to turn his business into a reality TV series. Wayne also started to exploit and grow his business around the safer mass petty criminal market. He's become a sensational TV show brand. 


It was all going great for Wayne, until now! Four of Wayne’s rookie Bounty Hunter TV stars were killed on a job. They tried to bring in a club owner who Wayne bailed for $1m for tax evasion. (VIKTOR KING) Wayne never knew that King was really a west coast drug lord. Wayne now has ten days to capture King or he loses his $1m bond and his business.


Wayne makes Leonard an offer. If he will help him capture King, he will set up a new company with him as a partner. A company that goes after high end hardcore criminals. In the meantime, they have to raise the funding to train a team to capture King in ten days. They end up doing a deal with the reality TV producer to fund the training mission and operation. 


They agree to the exclusive rights to a live video stream of Kings capture. The show will be shot live on GoPro’s and Drones. They recruit a team of dysfunctional Bounty Hunters and Ex Military veterans for the mission. They all know it could be a suicide mission, but they have nothing to lose. This is a make or break for them all. 


They start to train the team, but it looks like they won’t make the deadline to capture Viktor King. Despite knowing what location King will be at for a weekend. They can’t train the team any faster, but Leonard comes up with a simple solution that could excelerate the training program. 


Leonard has his RV home armoured plated, which will also double as a mobile jail. If they can capture King from his hotel, and get him into the RV, this armoured vehicle might get them to the airport. A charted jet will be waiting to fly King back to the Las Vegas authorities. 


Wayne needs to flush out King from the hotel, as they don’t want a shootout in the hotel that's he's based in for the weekend. They manage to hustle King that the FBI are on the way. King gets separated from his gang for a few moments, which gives the team of Bounty Hunters the opportunity to get King into the RV in the car park. 


They are pursued across LA by Kings heavily armed gang, but the armoured plated RV protects them all inside. However, they get blocked from the airport route, after the FBI blocks them all, and joins the pursuit. They shake off the FBI, but they get surrounded in an LA industrial estate by the gang. 


It looks like the RV is about to be peppered by bullets and a rocket launcher. At the last moment, one of Wayne’s Ex military buddies comes to the rescue. A military chopper lifts the whole RV into the air. It heads for the waiting jet at the airport.


They celebrate back at the bail bonds office. Wayne reveals this was all really a test to find the right team for a new company. The FBI have made him an offer, after this successful mission. They want Wayne to use his small bond company as a front, while really operating a new government funded business with this team.


The FBI give them a file of the most wanted dangerous criminals and terrorists in America. They offer funding, a base at the airport, and a private jet so that they can hunt down and apprehend the most wanted from all over the states. They will also have the power to fly into other countries to get their targets.